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I want a cat, but I'm allergic!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Science is our friend! There are now multiple allergen reduction foods for your new furry friend! My partner and I use Purina Pro Plan LiveClear and he never had a reaction to our cat.

Here are some steps to take if you want a cat, but have allergies:

First, try to find cat breeds that don't trigger your allergies. Second, get an indoor-only cat - they're less likely to drag allergens into your home. Third, keep your cat's litter box clean! This is super important because if it isn't kept clean, the smell will make you gag and you'll never want to be near the cat again.

Next, get a filter for your air conditioning unit. These are really expensive, but it's worth it if you want to be able to breathe in your own home again!

Next, get an allergy medicine (such as Zyrtec) that doesn't have a side effect of making you drowsy. You'll want to take this before you spend time with your cat so that you're not too tired or unable to react if he starts snuggling up next to you. Next, wash the bedding and clothes that make you sick whenever they start making you feel ill.

Finally, clean the room where your cat lives and change the bedding there every day. Also, make sure that no one in your family is sleeping in that room - if they are, move them to another room until you've gotten used to having a cat in your home.

If all of these steps have been taken, then it's time to get a cat! You'll want to keep him out of any rooms that trigger allergies (such as bedrooms or bathrooms), spend lots of time with him so that he can get used to you, and give him lots of love!

In conclusion, if you have allergies, it's possible to get a cat. You'll just need to take some extra steps before getting one - but it will be worth it when you get plenty of cuddles from your new furry friend!

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