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Catluminati: The Origin

Chapter 1: The Origin

Cathena went from being a feral alley cat, struggling to survive on the streets, to a leader of humanoid AI know as "Cattica Force". One day in that alley, she was rescued by a mysterious man known only as The Scientist.

He had a deep love for cats and had spent his life developing special technology that allowed cats to communicate with AI.

Cathena quickly became fascinated with the technology, and with The Scientist's kindness. Over time, she began to develop a love for humans, seeing them as more than just a source of food and shelter.

As she learned more about the world and The Scientist's vision of cats ruling over humans, she became determined to make his dream a reality.

With The Scientist's help, Cathena became a leader among an army of AI Humanoids know as "Cattica Force", whose agenda is to protect cats and promote adoption.

She recruited others to her cause, promising them a life of luxury and power on a distant planet where cats never age.

This planet, Kepler9, would become their new home, a place where they could influence humans with the Cattica Force.

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